Sin City band featured on the webseries “Hello Cupid”


Sin City band and Sin City music featured on this week’s episode of Hello Cupid!! Start here, or catch up online at! All another part of Sin City’s busy June. Couldn’t ask for a badder, cooler, more talented band and album producers! Special thanks to BLACK&SEXY.TV for the collaboration! And Room 5 Lounge for hooking it all up!

Also in case you didn’t know, we have a very multi-talented (very busy) band…

Malcolm ‘Verbal’ (vocalist)
Brandon ‘Icarus V’ (vocalist)
Ameenah Kaplan (drummer)
Merrick Woodard (guitar)
Yoel DeJesus (keys) his band info coming soon
Chris Yule (bass)
*** Bassist for “Hello Cupid” appearance was Greg Malone

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