• Artist: Verbal & Icarus
  • Release Date: 2018-10-16
  • Genre: HipHop/Soul
  • Produced By: Brandon Scott & JusSounz

The softmore album from hip-hop and soul duo, Verbal and Icarus, has arrived. The brooding yet partying aesthetic of the group formerly known as Sin City, now known collectively as Verbal and Icarus, returns, only this time with a heavier emphasis on live instruments, fuller compositions and a slightly more introspective & sentimental nature. With each album, the duo Verbal & Icarus, display a commitment to a maturing, unique, fun and quixotic musical style which can only be attributed to their unique co-perspectives on relationships. Neither slacks in the lyrics department. Verbals complex and irreverent lyricism mixed with Icarus’ soulful, haunting, vocals, including the lion-share of production by Icarus himself, combine for an emotional symbiotic journey. The effect is that, much like a fun house, this album is fun, exciting and scary and the inevitable yet unforeseen evolution from their previous album, the Sin City LP.