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Bridge (15)Who We Are

SIN CITY met and worked together in NYC after separately exploring various artistic fields, from acting to Slam Poetry– even recording their own solo material for years before joining forces after meeting at NYU. Their varied backgrounds were a perfect blend for developing their Hip-Hop/Soul inspired sound. In Feb 2012, the duo released their debut album, a moody, energetic, and sexy lyrical adventure, entitled The Sin City LP.

Both are accomplished actors whose theatrical ambitions have seemingly overshadowed their musical exploits. Alabama born Icarus V (Brandon Scott) was Dr. Ryan Spaulding (Intern 4.2) on Grey’s Anatomy, Luke and Tom in seasons 3 & 4 of the SyFy horror anthology Channel Zero, Leroy in the Showtime series Guerrilla (helmed by John Ridley, co-starring Idris Elba & Freida Pinto), and Peter in the Lions Gate film Blair Witch; while Brooklyn native Verbal the Rapper (Malcolm Barrett) was in the 2008 Best Picture winner The Hurt Locker, co-starred with Tom Hanks & Julia Roberts in Larry Crowne, and played Lem in the ABC cult hit Better Off Ted (entire cast featured in his single/video “Revenge of the Nerds” off his debut solo album, The Backpacker’s Guide to the Galaxy).


SIN CITY consists of two parts; the duo and the band. While the duo, who creates the albums, consists of Verbal & Icarus V, the band (feat. Ameenah Kaplan, Merrick Woodard, Chris Yule, Jason Moore, Bonnie McIntosh, Adrian Womack) is a whole other monster. While some may compare the sound of the duo’s album to Jay-Z and R. Kelly’s The Best of Both Worlds meets Outkast, the band is more The Roots meets Rage Against the Machine. Generally, Sin City performs live with the Full Band. For more intimate performances, Sin City has a stripped down Acoustic Set with Merrick on guitar and Icarus on guitar and keys. For events that cannot house a band, the duo performs with backing tracks. Sin City has rocked a few weddings also. For more information and booking, contact us.